Guide to Hiring Essay Tutors on EssayLancers

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If you’re getting to the point with your college assignment when you need to clone yourself in order to get the job done on time, you might find it more beneficial to find an essay tutor on EssayLancers and finally get rid of that college overload. is an independent freelance writing platform that helps college students connect with essay tutors and get on-the-spot essay writing assistance. 

We’ve done our best to arrange the platform in such a way that you can find the tutor, most suitable for your task, within seconds. Yet, we also understand that the experience of making a choice might be appalling. If that’s the case with you, simply read this guide. With these tips on how to choose the essay tutor, you will definitely take the most out of our platform.  

The Essentials of Hiring a Freelancer on

Independent platforms like allow you to look for candidates with the set of skills needed for your case exclusively.

Start by Creating an Account

Let us identify you first. The procedure is quick, simply provide your email and nickname. In your profile, you will receive all sorts of notifications, access and manage your messages from freelancers, check current/in progress/completed projects, and post new tasks.

Post a Task

But before you start juggling the potential freelancers, you have to post a job and specify the description of it.


How many hours do you expect the project to take? What is it that you’re willing to pay? Are you open to negotiate the potential price? What specific field of study or creative experience are you searching for and what the work is going to entail? The more details you provide in the order description, the quicker you will meet the right helper on the platform.

Review Quotes

After you receive quotes for your task, it’s necessary to evaluate each candidate. Here the actual search starts. 

Begin with the quotes. In your task posting, you specified the desired task budget. Is that strict? If so, downvote those quotes that go beyond your limits. Can afford to spend a bit more and get more chances of getting professional assistance? Have a look at more expensive quotes. 

We strongly recommend reducing the list down to your top five priorities, contact them, and request a mini-interview to make things clear.

Identify Your Tutor

Now check the tutors’s rating, profiles, and reviews to help come up with your decision.

We also advise considering tutors with Verified status first. We’ve contacted tutors with Verified status and can confirm that these tutors have university-level education and can provide proper academic assistance. 

Once you’ve found the right person, it’s important that you two have contact. The latter means that both you and the chosen freelancer should be on the same wavelength, i.e., make sure you are for the same thing. 

Give Your Requirements from A to Z

Double-check that you don’t miss a thing. The details that might seem unimportant to you will most likely play a crucial part in the successful completion of the order. Check your tutor’s recommendations if it’s the essay writing assignment that you’re trying to find a writer for. Collect all the materials that you need help with to get ready for an exam. 

The more your freelance expert knows about the task, the better.

Do All the Talking

You’re not there yet, but you have to find out whether you two will play well together, and check if the type of work that the chosen helper does is appropriate for your project. Finally, at this stage, you need to make sure your helper gets the idea of your task, and what you expect to receive ultimately.

Stress the Deadline Once Again

By this time, you might mention the time frames for your order many times, but it is surely not too much if you remind your helper when you expect the job to be done.

Tutors might have a great workload, so it might be so that they get confused. Thus, don’t be shy here. 

Send a Hiring Offer

Deposit the payment to your EssayLancers balance and wait for the tutor to accept the task. It will not be superfluous if you message the tutor at this stage. Just to make sure the tutor reacts to your task suggestion.  

Remember: The task is considered fully in progress only after the tutor accepts it. 

Set Regular Communication Sessions

In order to stay updated on the order completion progress, make sure to agree on certain dates when the hired freelancer informs you on the current status of work. If the s/he doesn’t show up on the appointed day, do send the how-is-it-going message.

Approve the Task

If you’re 100% satisfied with the project accomplished, release the payment from your EssayLancers balance.

Happy task posting with EssayLancers!